Membership &



We welcome all to participate in our worship and events, regardless of membership status, and to get to know us better. Whether or not you are a member, it is easy to belong here.


For those wishing to learn more about their faith, the Church, there are various opportunities. You can begin by attending a Welcome Gathering. 

If you want to learn more about Baptism and Confirmation, consider joining the Catechumenate.

Cathedral Member

Cathedral Members are those who call Saint John's home. They regularly attend services, participate in the various education and fellowship opportunities, are involved in some form of service to the cathedral community, and financially support the mission of the Cathedral.

Confirmed Member

Those who have been Baptized and Confirmed into the Episcopal Church have full Canonical Membership. They attend and vote at the annual meeting, are active communicants, and pledge annually.

If you would like to transfer your membership from another Episcopal Church, you may contact Michelle Geurin.

If you would like to learn more about being confirmed, please contact...